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Growing up on a dairy farm near Lake Simcoe, Katie developed a love for horticulture and everything flowers. Gardening was and still is a way of life for her family. Visits to her grandmothers always involved flowers, flower shows, garden tours or horticulture meetings. Her childhood summers were spent in her parents garden where her father amongst vegetables grew gladiolus for market flowers.

Katie has many fond memories of their roadside sign reading “Glads for sale”, and the customers who would stop by weekly to purchase glads that they would cut, as they strolled through the garden and made their selections. Wrapping up and presenting the flowers was a task she loved. 

Katie holding a bouquet of daffodils

As life happens, Katie moved away from the farm, got married, had 3 beautiful children and worked in healthcare. She has always felt a pull “back to her roots”, though. Katie and her husband moved out of town to a forested lot 10 years ago, where they have been able to garden and enjoy the surroundings.


The challenges of growing vegetables and flowers in a shady environment (with lots of critters!) lead her to rent a sunny plot of land close to their house with the intention of growing food for her family and cut flowers. 

Katie hand picking daffodils

In 2022, Katie had the opportunity to take the “Floret Workshop”. This instantly confirmed that her dream of working with flowers was something she needed to pursue, and “Bunkerhill Flower Farm” was born. Bunkerhill pays tribute to her Mother’s families homestead name, and where her passion for flowers was fostered. 

Katie has found the last two years rewarding in many ways, as she's also working towards fulfilling a goal she has had for a long time. She's currently a Master Gardener in Training with Simcoe County Master Gardeners and has completed the required courses through University of Guelph. She has come full circle and is looking forward to sharing her passion with others!

Fresh daffodil flower bouquet
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